Why does It love Milan?

image-milanTo answer this question we have made this site. For this reason it’s born the English version of the site. Because Milan and Italy (Milan-Italy or in italian language Milano-Italia) are not and must NOT ONLY have the image of scandals … Milan deserves much more!
Deserves to be told in the corners. Want its mega-events show, the strains of his work, difficulties and contradictions. Talk about its many monuments and works of art.
But we always keep a positive outlook towards the future, and to do this we have already accomplished the first step: we created the service available to ALL for “Calculating route with public transport (by car or by foot)” The first service that considers ALL the public transport: the first interactive guide that integrates everything that is offered to the citizens of Milan and tourists in transport sector!
If you’re (or you come soon) in Milan, try it and Click here to access the service.

And so with a little postcard from the town we give you our welcome and our goodbye telling, as they say the old citizen of Milan, “Milan l’è un grand Milan (that mean Milan is a great Milan)


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